Cold Canape Selections

cold canape selection

Fresh fruit skewers (v & gf)

Fresh asparagus spears served with tarragon aioli (v &gf)

Tasmanian smoked salmon pin wheel crepes with sour cream, dill and wasabi roe

Lacquered duck, shitake and cucumber rice paper wraps

Smoked eggplant pinwheel crepes with hommus & paprika (v)

Carpaccio of beef on crisp baguette with reduced soy

Croustades with Smoked tomato, fetta & roquette pesto (v)

Sashimi of ocean trout on sticky rice with soy (gf)

Sushi rolls served with soy & wasabi (v & gf)

Crab tartlets topped with guacamole

Delicate ribbon sandwiches with assorted gourmet fillings

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Tiger prawns on forks topped with avocado salsa (gf)

Goats fetta and pimento tartlets (v)  

Fresh asparagus tips wrapped in fine prosciutto (gf) (p)

Poached salmon finger sandwiches with parsley salsa

Smoked chicken, mango & avocado tartlets flavored with lime, chilli & coriander

Crisp parmesan baskets filled with goats cream & fresh herbs (v & gf)

Tom yum prawn rice paper wraps (gf)

Crab salad with vanilla oil in witlof leaves (gf)

Soy glazed chicken, watercress & cucumber rice paper wraps.

San Choy Bow – chicken with chilli, garlic, ginger, fish sauce & coconut served in a

refreshing witlof cup (gf)

Fresh rock oyster served topped with soy & mirin dressing 

Chinese BBQ duck wrapped in petit shallot crepes with plum & hoisin sauces

Tuna tartare in witlof with sesame dressing

Freshly shucked rock oyster served in shots ‘Bloody Mary’ style  (gf)

Crab and mango rice paper wraps (seasonal)  (gf)


Hot Canape Selections

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Tafine of goats fetta, fresh tomato & basil pesto (v) 

Vietnamese pork balls with chilli dipping sauce (gf) (p)

Crisp chicken dumplings with chilli ginger & garlic

Indonesian satay beef rolls

Lamb Borecs (spiced lamb filo parcels) with harissa yogurt

Vegetable laksa shots (v & gf)

Tarts of wild mushrooms with parmesan & roquette (v)

Miniature pork & veal sausage rolls with juniper, rosemary & pistachio (p)

Tartlets of baby beetroot & goats fetta with toasted cumin seed (v)

Sage, prosciutto & parmesan risotto balls (p)

Potato, ginger & sago balls with coriander & green chilli (v & gf) Requires a deep fryer

Tandoori chicken skewers (gf)

Pea & potato samosas with pickled ginger, coriander & sweet chilli dipping sauce (v)

Three cheese tarts – soufle-esque tarts with just a hint of blue (v)

Moroccan flavoured lamb balls served with preserved lemon & herbed yogurt  (gf)

Steamed pork & prawn balls served with a hoisin dipping sauce  (gf) (p)

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Satay chicken skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce

Asian style pork fillet rolls filled with shallot marinated in hoisin sauce

Five-spice duck & shitake mushroom pies

Roast pumpkin, mushroom and parmesan risotto balls (v)

Skewers of seared Tasmanian ocean trout with Sumac, lime & sea salt butter  (gf)

Coconut prawns with spicy tomato & chilli pickle Requires a deep fryer

Baby fillet mignon wrapped in prosciutto topped with tarragon aioli (p)

Potato roesti topped with smoked Tasmanian salmon with horseradish & tiny caper (gf)

Wasabi crusted lamb fillet on potato roesti (gf)

Seared scallops on spoons with saffron & tomato butter   (gf)

Lamb fillet on croustade with Baba Ghannouj

Vietnamese spiced chicken skewers with lemongrass

Seared swordfish on artichoke  (gf)

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Skewered prawns with herb and chilli oil  (gf)

Sweet Treats

Hand made truffles

Miniature friands

Strawberry tartlets

Passionfruit cup cakes

Creme Brulee spoons (gf)


Minimum order 20 of any item

$4.25 per selection per person or

3 choices $12.75 per person

5 choices $21.25 per person

6 choices $25.50 per person

8 choices $34.00 per person

(v) Vegetarian

(gf) Gluten free

(p) Contains pork products


  • Unfortunately all  breakages & losses will be charged to the client. Minimum numbers of 20 apply.
  • 10% surcharge for Sundays & public holidays.
  • Additional fees & charges apply to weekend, public holiday & out of hours catering
  • Cocktail napkins are included with the food.