Working lunch & finger food - Finger food items

corporate catering finger food

Bread products

  • Ribbon sandwiches with 5 fillings including vegetarian $4.25 ea
  • Ciabatta mini rolls with 5 gourmet fillings $4.75 ea
  • Closed sandwiches with 7 fillings including vegetarian cut into triangles $6.55 ea
  • Mini bagles with 5 fillings including vegetarian $4.75 ea
  • Wraps with 7 fillings including vegetarian cut into 4. $7.50 ea
fruit platter catering

Individual tarts $4.95 per serve

  • Bacon & egg pie with green peas (p)
  • Baked beetroot, caramelised onion, goats fetta & toasted cumin tarts (v)
  • Baked pumpkin, rosemary & goats fetta frittata (v)
  • Roasted red pepper and goats fetta tarts (v)
  • Prosciutto & roast red pepper tarts (p)
  • Smoked salmon & dill tarts
  • Leek & mushroom tarts (v)
  • Spinach, fetta & chilli tarts (v)
vegetarian catering

Pastries $4.95 per serve

  • Pork veal & pistachio sausage rolls (p)
  • Vegetarian sausage rolls with chick peas & spinach (v)
  • Spinach & goats fetta fillos with toasted almonds (v)
  • Spinach, pumpkin & cashew triangles (v)
  • Lamb, pinenut and middle eastern spice fillos 
  • Potato, pea & cumin samosa's (v)
  • Sweet potato, cashew & chilli samosa's (v)
  • Lamb wellingtons with tomato chutney
gluten free catering

Skewers & meats $4.95 per serve

  • Hoisin, chilli & ginger chicken drum sticks with sesame seeds 
  • Tandoori chicken skewers (gf)
  • Chicken skewers with tarragon, paprika & lemon (gf)
  • Butter chicken skewers (gf)
  • Chicken skewers with fresh rosemary & garlic (gf)
  • Sate marinated beef skewers
  • Moroccan dry spiced beef skewers (gf)
  • Lamb & chorizo skewers (p)
  • North African lamb skewers with harissa yogurt (gf)

Premium selection $5.50 per serve

  • Garlic parsley prawns with lemon aioli (gf)
  • Thai prawn and fish cakes with spicy dipping sauce
  • Wonton baskets filled with duck and mango salad
  • Individual tom yum prawn salad with mirin pickled vegetables

Other $4.95 per serve

  • Trio of house made dips and pide (v)
  • Fritatta slices (v) (gf)
  • Corn friters with guacamole (v)
  • Smoked salmon & dill pancakes
  • Falafal with humus (v) (gf)
  • Hoisin duck in shallots crepe with cucumber
  • Eggplant, green tahini & roast red pepper rolls (v) (ve) (gf)
  • Sushi - vegetarian OR salmon 

(v) Vegetarian

(ve) Vegan

(gf) Gluten free

(p) Contains pork products                                    


Minimum number of 10 persons. delivery fee applies (see schedule)
10% surcharge on Sundays & public holiday