Take home meals by Kitchen Witchery

All our beautiful dishes for you at home no supermarket and no crowds!
Support local made in Canberra

Our menu will change on a regular basis keeping the most popular items and adding new taste sensations

$14.00 per generous single serve meal 

$52.00 per 1 kg pack of casseroles excluding rice / mash etc  not including lamb shanks

Minimum of 10 meals for delivery
Pick up no minimum

Take home meals

  • Beef Rendang with rice
  • North African lamb with cous cous
  • Tender lamb shank with mash potato
  • Malaysian chicken curry with potato
  • Delicious beef hot pot, rich sauce and root veggies
  • Butter chicken with rice
Vegetarian / vegan
  • Moroccan vegetable tagine
  • Cauliflower & lentil curry

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Phone: 62809882

Our Take Home Meals Menu as a [PDF]