wine & beverages

Drinks packages can be provided for any amount of time and the costs will vary
accordingly.  The drinks package includes:

  • All glass ware
  • Linen for the bar
  • Ice & ice bucket
  • ACT liquor licence fee
  • Yarra burn Sparkling
  • Riddler Shiraz
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
  • Full strength beer
  • Light beer
  • Premium orange juice and sparkling water

1 hour package     $20.00 per person

1.5 hour package  $23.00 per person

2 hour package     $26.00 per person

2.5 hour package  $30.00 per person

3 hour package     $32.00 per person

If you require specific wines for an event, please ask and we will price the package for you.

Drinks may also be ordered as 'on consumption' basis where you only pay for what you drink, however this incurs a $100.00 liquor licence fee and the hire of all glasses and bar ware.